Artificial lawn core performance indicator

Back in the performance

On the surface of the artificial lawn, the force of impact is applied to the surface of the lawn, and the surface deformation indicates the return performance of the lawn. The artificial lawn, which is good in return, is more suitable for running and running, and is more effective in preventing the athletes from wrestling and getting closer to the natural lawn.

Wear-resisting performance

By means of the nail Lisport test equipment roller rolling back and forth on the artificial grass samples, simulation during normal use, nail athletes wore sneakers exercise on the lawn, after reaching a certain time period, inspection, evaluation of wear and tear on the lawn. The artificial lawn with good wear-resisting performance is more durable and lasts longer.

Aging resistance

Under the condition of set temperature and humidity environment, the omega machine WOM simulation artificial lawn, the sun's ultraviolet radiation normally namely artificial model climate, to set the time, to observe, test the color of the artificial lawn and related physical properties change, called the artificial lawn anti-aging performance test. In normal climatic conditions, strong anti-aging performance of artificial turf is not easy to fade, not easy to become fragile, strong anti-aging performance of artificial turf ground color more durable, more stable, little grass seedlings, and longer service life.

Environmental performance

By monitoring the detection of toxic hazardous chemicals by 168 high levels of the REACH standard, the report on the performance of heavy metal environmental performance by sportslabs of the FIFA laboratory, which has been issued by the designated laboratory, is based on the DIN standard. The artificial lawn and the human body get close to each other every day, and the green and good artificial lawn is the best way to ensure the health of the human body.