Sports Turf
Tiran sports turf is mainly used in  soccer field, hockey field,  baseball field, rugby field, tennis field, basket ballfield, cricket field and some other sports venues
Landscape Turf
Tiran landscape turf anti UV aging, safe and healthy,can be used in golf course, resisdentiallandscape,courtyard green, commercial land, interior decoration and other places
Kindgarten Artificial Turf
Tiran kindgarten artificial turf is healthy and environmetalprotective, the children can rest asssured play, We can supply multi-color runway grass,colorful grass and other kindergarten special products
The material type of grass silk
The materials are divided into : PA korea imported  nylon,used for sports turf and lesiure turf, PE is mainly used for sports place, PP is mainly used for leisure place, widely used for all kinds of palaestra, schools, hotels, multi purpose playground, tennis court, soccer court, volleyball court

The advantage of the synthetic grass
The synthetci grass is with many colors,durable,colurfast, low maintance fees, strength of extension, firmness, suppleness, abrasion resistance, abrasion resistance, aging resistance,  color fastness have reached apretty high level